Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Opening a Remote HTTP URL inan ADF Dialog using Bounded Taskflow

We want to open an HTTP remote URL(say in an ADF Dialog Framework window while user clicks a commandLink in the base jspx/jsff page.

1.Create a wrapper TF called MyFlowTF in adfc-config.xml.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<adfc-config xmlns="" version="1.2" id="__8">
<task-flow-definition id="MyFlowTF">
<default-activity id="__1">MyPage</default-activity>
<transaction id="__6">
<data-control-scope id="__7">
<managed-bean id="__4">
<managed-bean-name id="__2">popupBean</managed-bean-name>
<managed-bean-class id="__3">oracle.ui.bean.popupBean</managed-bean-class>
<managed-bean-scope id="__5">backingBean</managed-bean-scope>
<view id="NotificationPage">
<page id="__9">/oracle/ui/page/MyPage.jsff</page>
<task-flow-call id="PopupNotifWrapperTF">
<input-parameter id="__11">
<input-parameter id="__12">
<input-parameter id="__13">
<input-parameter id="__14">
<run-as-dialog id="__10"/>
<control-flow-rule id="__20">
<from-activity-id id="__21">MyPage</from-activity-id>
<control-flow-case id="__22">
<from-outcome id="__24">taskDetails</from-outcome>
<to-activity-id id="__23">PopupWrapperTF</to-activity-id>

2.Wrapper TF code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<adfc-config xmlns="" version="1.2">
<task-flow-definition id="PopupWrapperTF">
<default-activity id="__3">remoteTaskFlowCall</default-activity>
<input-parameter-definition id="__1">
<name id="__2">remoteAppUrl</name>
<input-parameter-definition id="__6">
<name id="__5">dynamicTaskDefId</name>
<managed-bean id="__10">
<managed-bean-name id="__8">opupBean</managed-bean-name>
<managed-bean-class id="__9">oracle.ui.bean.PopupBean</managed-bean-class>
<managed-bean-scope id="__7">backingBean</managed-bean-scope>
<task-flow-call id="remoteTaskFlowCall">

Add the permission for this TF in jazn-data.xml, if your WebApp is secured.

UI Change: 

<af:commandImageLink text="#{'MyMessage'}" id="cil2"
<af:setActionListener from="#{''}"

3.Add required code in the bean method..

public String remoteAppUrl = null;
public TaskFlowId taskflowDefId = null;

public void setTaskDefId(TaskFlowId taskflowDefId) {
this.taskflowDefId = taskflowDefId;

public TaskFlowId getTaskflowDefId() {
return taskflowDefId;

public void setRemoteAppUrl(String remoteAppUrl) {
this.remoteAppUrl = remoteAppUrl;

public String getRemoteAppUrl() {
return remoteAppUrl;

public void onClick(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
// Add event code here...
//gets the taskflow details url.
String taskflowUrl = (String)ADFUtil.evaluateEL("#{pageFlowScope.detailsUrl}");
//sets the taskflow Id and remote url to be passed to the remote task flow call activity.

* This method gets the task flow Id from the complete url.
* @param taskDetailsURL
* @return
public TaskFlowId getTaskFlowDefinitionId(String detailsURL) {
//Checks if the url is null.
if (detailsURL == null)
return null;
//gets the parameter list from the url.
String parameterList =
detailsURL.substring(detailsURL.indexOf("?") + 1,
//tokenizes the url.
StringTokenizer stok = new StringTokenizer(parameterList, "&");
String taskFlowId = null;
String documentName = null;
//gets the taskflowId from the url.
while (stok.hasMoreTokens()) {
String parameter = stok.nextToken();
String[] parts = parameter.split("=", 2);
if (parts[0].equals("_id"))
taskFlowId = parts[1];
if (parts[0].equals("_document"))
documentName = parts[1];

//decodes the encoded url.
try {

documentName = URLDecoder.decode(documentName, "UTF-8");
taskFlowId = URLDecoder.decode(taskFlowId, "UTF-8");

} catch (Exception ex) {

return new TaskFlowId(documentName, taskFlowId);

* This method extracts the remoteAppUrl.
* @param detailsURL
* @return
public String getRemoteAppURL(String detailsURL) {
if (detailsURL == null)
return null;
int index = detailsURL.indexOf("&_id");

String url = "";
//extracts the remote app url part.
if(index > 0)
url = detailsURL.substring(0,taskDetailsURL.indexOf("&_id"));

return url;


Register the notification bean in WrapperTF as backing bean scope to read the input parameters.


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