Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ViewObject getRow() v/s findByKey()

ViewObject getRows(key) returns the rows from the ViewStorage by default which looks through the cached rows, doesnt really query from DB.
As a performance standard, if you have set the MaxFetchSize value of the VO as something say "N"(Say 2000), then a row we query for which resides in a slot > N(say 2010),the getRow() wont fetch the data.That means,we cannt get the desired value.

However,we need a composite solution where we want to lookup the cache in Middle Tier and if its there, then the row should be returned from the Mid-Tier cache, if not in cache, it should return from the DB using an efficient Query with findByKey()

public String getCurrentEmpName(String currentEmpId) {
String empName = "";
if (currentEmpId != null && currentEmpId.length() > 0) {
ViewObjectImpl empVO =
if (empVO != null) {
Key key = new Key(new Object[] { currentEmpId });
//Searching for the row with key
//getRow(key) will search in the cache which contain atmost
//2000 records Becoz the MaxFetchSize of EmpVO is 2000
EmpVORow empRow =
//if the record with key is not present in the cache
if (empRow == null) {
//Searching for the row with key in the DataBase
//findByKey() searches in DB
Row[] empRows = empVO.findByKey(key, 1);
if (empRows != null && empRows.length != 0) {
empRow = (EmpVORow)empRows[0];
if (empRow != null) {
empName = empRow.getName();
return empName;


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avinash said...

how to use find by key on vo if the key comprises of Combination of two db columns. i.e primary key is a combination of two columns