Friday, October 27, 2006

Gen Tech:How to copy HTML data from browser to an Excel sheet.

There is a pretty simple way of exporting an HTML data into an Excel file without much effort of writing any program.
I have tested many times and it works.
Note: It works only in IE.

Please follow the steps below.
  • 1)-Open MS Excel in your pc and keep it in taskbar.
  • 2)-Access any URL which gives an HTML table output.
  • 3)-Select the whole of the data you want to export.
  • 4)-After selecting just see the mouse where it is. DOnt move the mouse and by pressing the left button drag the mouse towards the taskbar to the top of the Excel icon.
  • 5)-Dont yet release the mouse even if the mouse icon changes.
  • 6)-Keep the left button pressed and keep on top of the excel button.It automatically maximizes the Excel spreadsheet.
  • 7)-Dont release the mouse button in the whole process.
  • 8 )-Just drag the mouse with left button pressed towards the start of the Excel sheet and release the mouse button.
  • Thats all..
  • The whole trick is not to release the left mouse button.
  • Please try in IE and see if it helps you. I have tried number of times.

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Pavan Kumar ANV said...

Oh..This is really cool..Thank you....