Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oracle Apps:Open a Conc program Output in your favourite Program

There is a profile option called "Viewer:Application for Text" in Apps.
Logon to Oracle Applications , use System Administrator Responsibility and Navigate as :-
Install -> Viewer Options
to open the Form "Viewer Options"

Then do the entry as shown below :-

File Format Mime Type Description
Text application/msword Microsoft Word(.doc)
Text application/ Excel (.xls)
Text text/plain Notepad(.txt)

Then ensure that the profile option
Viewer: Application for Text
is set to BLANK at the Site Level.

Then ensure that the profile option
Viewer: Text
is set to Browser at the Site Level

Submit a Concurrent Request that generates Text Output File
Click on View Output Button
You will see a LOV showing
Microsoft Word(.doc)
Excel (.xls)


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